Introduction to our farming article series

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

“Assisting the new farmer”

Hello, and welcome, I am Tafadzwa the co-owner of Daniel’s Garden Pvt Ltd the Company that currently has the Daniel’s Garden Farm division that you know.

The articles are an underlying story of who we are and our beginnings. We started operations in February 2019, by operating from the Kintyre Estates location near Norton Zimbabwe. It has been a fantastic journey of worthwhile lessons, and today we desire to share information to that prospect farmer who would like to start something.

“Wealth is in the soil as a lot say.”

The above statement is factual; however, there are many areas to cover to conduct a lucrative and profitable farming business. This document and series are guidelines based on our experience, and everyone has a right to their own opinion, and we support. Our success today is from people who have supported us in the past and those that continuously do today.

As farmers, we have learnt that knowledge is key, and most farmers are willing to share the information for free. We all learn from each other, and because of that, we will be able to strengthen production in Zimbabwe. Everyone matters, that small, medium, large and homeowner, we all contribute to our society one way of the other. The larger farms tend to specialize and focus on export, and the smaller such as homeowners tend to support families and communities, we appreciate all the contributions.

Now, we all have had great ideas to start a pet project, business, quick money, risk-free and more, and farming unfortunately is not that. If you are here seeking a quick buck, please stop now and look into other areas such as trading, buying and selling, they might work, this is no guarantee that the above will work. Farming is a game of patience and hope; it might and might not work; it involves much research and learning from each other. Farming constitutes of unexpected costs such as equipment damage, theft, negligence, inflation, vandalism and a continually changing economy.

In this article series, we will be covering a lot of different areas to hopefully assist you in making better decisions in future projects and weather to purse or quit while ahead.

Daniel’s Garden Farm focal is horticultural produce, and the main crop is tomatoes; therefore, most of our case studies are based on them.

The main topics we will cover in this series of articles are listed below. the internet is available for more reading material.

Article A: Research
Article B: Farming as a Business
Article C: Soil fertility
Article D: Understanding crops
Article E: Understanding Market
Article F: Grading of produce, focus tomatoes