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"Freshest farm produce ever. high quality vegetables. Delivery service on point. Customer care exceptional."

Olga Kunonga

"Probably the best place you can buy quality fresh veggies. Thanks for the best customer service of my life !!!"

Tinashe Gavi

"Good day to you Daniel's Garden farm,I really appreciate your service,"

Orpah Mangenda

"Best produce, Best Value for your money"

Chipiwa Simango

"Lovely experience! such friendly staff. Got the most amazing tomatoes"

Lienne Shonhiwa

"Daniel's Garden farm does tomato right!
Had a good tour around the farm. Also great learning from how Daniel's Garden has been setup and their experiences in the market.
Also appreciated how the surrounding community is freely benefiting from some of the produce."

Anesu Freddy

"When you visit the farm you are welcomed by stunning and captivating views of mountains and forests. Daniel’s Garden Farm never fail to deliver on their promise, which is to provide you with fresh and healthy produce at unbeatable prices. Since their vegetables are well farmed in the best of conditions, you are guaranteed organic vegetables with long shelf life and great taste."

Solo Man

"Have you been craving for fresh farm produce tomato's!!!? Then look no further, Daniel's Garden got you covered 100%"...

Pio Deus Prioritas

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