About Our Farm

Professional Local Farm

Daniel's Garden Farm is a local farm that has been producing delicious fresh products and hosting a variety of fun activities since 2019. We strive to make the most of everything the great outdoors has to offer. Our products are fresh from the field, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality products.

Our Vision is to produce the best quality products that can be marketed to Zimbabwe and export Worldwide. To create a greener tomorrow by harnessing solar energyrecycling and managing our waste, use drip technology to conserve water. We also aim to support our Community and build relations with them and contributing to charity work.

Community and Environment


Building strong relationships within our community is very important to us. Not only for business purposes but also to grow together, to share our knowledge about farming and environment preservation.

We want to make a difference in someone's else's life by starting a charity program soon. As part of our community development program, we also create temporary employment, when necessary on the farm, especially during peak times such as planting and harvesting.



Protecting the environment by individuals

aimed at reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste and using raw materials more efficiently.


  • recycling materials and labelling for convenience and proper disposal of waste

  • reduce packaging by managing orders to minimize waste

  • use of recycling bins to maintain a clean and hygienic facility

  • using plastic crates and self-stacking boxes instead of single-use boxes

Recycling benefits

  • reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators

  • conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals

  • increases economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials

  • prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials

  • saves energy

  • conversion into manure

  • gives back the nutrients that we have taken from the ground


Environment protection is our responsibility; we have to work together to create a healthy and happy pollution-free environment.

Renewable energy

solar is clean energy and advantages in agriculture are:

  • cost management of operations through electricity bill reduction

  • increase in self-reliance

  • reducing pollution

  • power supply to the pump station, therefore constant water supply

Control and development of water resources and prevention of pollution

we thrive on conserving our water and resources by using different techniques to manage our environment better:

  • drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to a plants roots, reducing the evaporation and weed growth

  • it's not how water is delivered, but the frequency and quantity. To avoid under- or over watering crops, we carefully monitor the weather forecast, soil moisture, and adapted an irrigation schedule to suit current conditions

  • vermicompost or organic manure assists in the improvement of the soil structure, increasing its water-holding capacity and reduction of artificial fertilisers usage

Our Aim is for s to manage our environment and provide fresh farm vegetables to our Community and Customers.